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V4R1 is a Taipei-born heartbeat oriented vessel for composer and sound designer Sander Saarmets. V4R1 observes and explores layers and textures in time and space. V4R1 can be simultaneously minimalistic and massive, slow and intense. Intensified electronic heartbeats guide listeners through an environment of microscopic and large-scale transformations.

((Sonic explorations will continue in 2023))

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08/07/2022   Suveune öönägu, ULM, Tallinn
20/04/2019   V4R1 / CoPeCo Collective + Emelie Markgren + Movers, FYLKINGEN, Stockholm, Sweden
06/10/2018   BODY MACHINE BODY Festival, HALL, Tallinn
22/09/2018   Kulgruum, Tartu Uus Teater, Tartu
20/07/2018   Paldiski 300, V4R1 Live, Paldiski
6/04/2018   TMW 2018: Üle Heli Festival Night, Telliskivi Creative City, Tallinn
7/12/2017   WHITE HOLE tour + V4R1, MIMstuudio, Tallinn
27/10/2017   Üle Heli Festival, Mustpeade Maja, Tallinn
26/05/2017   V4R1 LP presentation @ Üle Heli kaunite kunstide õhtu, PADA, Tallinn
18/03/2017   1 + 1 = Black ink White, ACID LAB, Taipei, Taiwan
18/06/2016   Kumu ÖÖ / Kumu Night, Kumu Art Museum, Tallinn
30/01/2016   V4R1 - First Sighting, Underon上下, Taipei, Taiwan